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The British Business Forum has three types of membership:                                                     
Full membership is open to all business people resident in Kuwait who hold a British passport. Full members are eligible to attend all the activities and receive all the benefits of the British Business Forum.
Associate membership is open to business people who do not hold a British passport but are clearly associated with British interests. Associate members enjoy the same privileges as full members with the exception that they do not have voting rights. After five years associate members may be invited by the Committee to become full members if they are deemed to have made a significant contribution to the BBF during that time.
The British Business Forum provides a range of services for its members that includes:
  • A monthly meeting with a guest speaker and refreshments is held at either the British Embassy or a top Kuwait Hotel at 19.30 on the evening of the second Wednesday in each month. Members may bring their partners to these meetings and to social events which include an annual ball.
  • Business Sector Development Groups that specialize in sectors of commercial activity and provide a focal point for members working in the sector who wish to discuss and develop market prospects. They include oil and gas, telecommunications and information technology, construction, building and finance, education and training, and healthcare.
  • A magazine called Dispatches is published four times each year. This full-colour publication contains over 100 pages of commercial and other news from Britain and Kuwait and has become one of the most popular journals in Kuwait.
  • An employment register for members seeking new posts and employers seeking staff.

Corporate Membership is open to UK and Kuwait registered companies for a minimum of 5 BBF members, and provides a significant 25% discount on individual membership fees, as well as advertising in Dispatches, stand rental at the “Introduction to Kuwait” night, and other discounts.

If you are not already a member do consider joining and contribute to the working groups, participate in the social gatherings and help the Forum to promote the best of British products and services in Kuwait.

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