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Post Summer B2B: Back To Business Meeting Report

posted 28 Sept 2015, 06:13 by Unknown user   [ updated 28 Sept 2015, 06:15 ]

Following on from our meeting held on the 16th September, 2015 we have been asked by several members if we could circulate a copy of the presentation that Jack Montgomery delivered on the night. This is packed with great advice for anyone looking to recruit new talent or to be recruited.

The file is in PowerPoint format and can be download using the link below.

BBF Annual General Meeting 2015 held on 10 June

posted 7 Sept 2015, 02:58 by Sheeba Pius   [ updated 7 Sept 2015, 02:58 ]

The British Business Forum(BBF), a non-profit association of British business people in Kuwait held the Annual General Meeting at Wednesday to elect the board members for 2014 – 2015.

The proceedings of the meeting were conducted by Graham Kenny and Arthur Barber who gave a brief account of the activities of the BBF over the past year and shed light on future events.

During the meeting and before the vote the Chairman Graham Kenny informed those present at the meeting about the proposed amendments to some articles of the BBF constitution.

The new board has Graham Kenny as Chairman, Tareq AlOun as Vice Chairman, Arthur Barber as General Secretary, Donald Teale as Treasurer, directors – Steve Gardner, Venkat Chowdary, Dr. Musaed Al Najjar and Russell Byrne.

Following is the brief profile of those who have been elected to carry the BBF forward over the next year.

Graham Kenny has been in Kuwait for the past 10 years with AMEC Foster Wheeler, the UK-based Project Management and Engineering Services Company where he is a project manager on the Al Zour Refinery Project with KNPC.  He has been a member of the BBF for the past 8 years.  He was elected chairman in 2014 after serving for two years as General Secretary and one year as Vice-chairman.

Tareq Al-Oun who holds an MBA from the Gulf University for Sciences and Technology, Kuwait, and BA (International Business) Pacific Lutheran University (Tacoma Washington), USA, has more than 13 years of experience in banking and investment fields in Kuwait and MENA region and has been a long serving supporter and contributor to the BBF and sector group meetings.

Arthur Barber has 25 years of professional experience in the Middle East including 20 years in Kuwait in the oil and energy industries, in environment and in risk and emergency management. He is currently HSE manager on the KOC environmental remediation project.

Donald Teale heads the Managing Consulting practice for the KPMG in Kuwait and has been based in Kuwait for just over five years, having relocated from Eastern Europe.

Russell Byrne has over 23 years of practical experience in the education, retail and financial services sectors, Engaged as a trusted C-level executive, management consultant, educator, and on certain occasions, a ‘change agent’.

Dr.Musaed Al Najjar, is a retired police officer with 29 years of service.  He has a PhD from Nottingham University in psychology and usually gives lectures that teach PTSD to the emergency responders (police, fire fighters, EMS).

Steve Gardner is an accomplished professional in entrepreneurial business development in Europe, Caribbean, the USA and Middle East.

Venkat Chowdary is Managing Director for Space Al Arabi General Trading Co WLL and Avanti Palace Restaurant Co WLL.

The BBF Board – the Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer and Directors – is responsible to the membership for the success of the BBF its overall strategic direction, its values and its governance.  It meets every month to discuss and make key decisions on the Forum’s affairs, direction, policy, planning, programme and major events.

BBF holds its May Members Meeting

posted 7 Sept 2015, 02:51 by Sheeba Pius

The British Business Forum (BBF), a non-profit association of British business people in Kuwait during its monthly meeting in downtown Kuwait City hosted Dr. Mohammed Gaith, Head of Engineering at the Australian College of Kuwait(ACK).

Dr. Gaith built upon previous meeting topics by presenting the practical implementation of the ‘Faculty for Factory’  experiences, whereby education professionals are placed into industrial environments to support Business Process Re-Engineering initiatives.

Dr. Gaith, whose specialization is Applied Mechanics and Design, Structural Analysis, Vibration Analysis & Control, Stress Analysis, Fiber Reinforced Composite Material Structures and Solar and Wind Energy, said “Faculty for Factory’ is considered one of the new channels aimed at creating a genuine partnership between industrial sectors and academic institutions.

Working on developing the relationship, he said, both sides of the equation into account the compatability between the expectations on one hand, and the application dimension of developing and implementing projects – in line with the actual needs for industry – and without failure in achieving the academic goals on the other.

The program main objectives are to benefit from the wealther of knowledge and expertise and untapped potential for academic excellence; breaking and removing the barriers between academic institutions and industrial sector; development of long-term sustainable projects that benefit the national economy.

Dr. Gaith who received his PhD in engineering in October, 2005 from Northeastern University, Boston, MA, has worked as a lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Technology at NU for three years has conducted several training courses in workplace success communication skills including leadership, teamwork, positive attitude, time management, job interviews, writing CV and interpersonal skills.

BBF holds its April monthly meeting

posted 7 Sept 2015, 02:19 by Sheeba Pius   [ updated 7 Sept 2015, 02:26 ]

The British business forum in Kuwait held its monthly meeting at the Ibis Hotel, on Wednesday 22 April, 2015 evening.

The guest speaker of the evening was Baruch Spiegel B.A. B.C.a. B.A who gave a detailed explanation on ‘Collaborative Learning’ in terms of ‘Bridging the Gap between Education and Industry’.

Spiegel explained in Collaborative Learning two or more people learn or attempt to learn something together, unlike individual learning.

He went on to say, people who involve in Collaborative Learning benefit from one another’s resources and skills such as asking one another for information and assess one another’s ideas.  This is in addition to monitoring one another’s work, etc.

More specifically Collaborative Learning, he said, is based on the model where knowledge is born within a population where members interact actively by sharing experiences; put differently, collaborative learning referes to methodologies and environments in which learners engage in a common task where each individual depends on and is accountable to each other.

These include both face to face talks, discussions during online forums, chat rooms, conversation analysis and statistical discourse analysis.

Baruch said his ultimate goal is to help create an educational landscape which supports all abilities and does not discriminate against those that are different.

“Together, both within education and outside of it, we can develop a more inclusive approach which focuses on core values within our community first and simple acquisition of knowledge second.” he said.

The topic of discussion covered “Collaborative Learning’ – an educational process through which the teacher acts a facilitator to learning rather than a deliverer of information.

Collaborative Learning, Spiegel said has many practical implementations such as through working together “we can produce large amounts of information in shorter periods of time, learn how to work, and communicate as a team and most importantly generate energy and fun in the learning environment.”

This type of approach, he added, is not only restricted to the classroom but can be developed for the home and work environment also.

In order to prepare children for both the present and the future ”we need to equip them with the skills to function both in and out of the classroom.”he said.  “Collaborative Learning provides one avenue to do that and if Industry and Education come together under the same premise of collaboration the first bricks of bridging the two can be laid.”

Baruch Spiegel who has spent over 13 years developing individualized programs for children with autism, academic deficits and problem behaviors said he has had the privilege of working with many gifted and talented educators which has helped develop many different training programs for educational institutions covering key areas such as collaborate learning, creating motivating environments and developing functional and long lasting skills.


Fashion Show 2011

posted 24 May 2011, 05:04 by Unknown user   [ updated 24 May 2011, 05:32 ]

The British Embassy has hosted a prestigious charity fashion show featuring some of the biggest names in contemporary British design. The event took place on May 6 and was organized by the British Business Forum and the British Ladies’ Society. The venue was the historic residence and gardens of the British Ambassador, His Excellency Frank Baker and Mrs. Maria Pilar Fernandez Baker, who is also patron of the British Ladies Society. The show was a sell-out success, but also had a serious purpose as a major fund-raiser for the Bayt Abdullah children’s hospice in Kuwait, and the UK charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Fashion Show

The show got off to a spectacular start with a selection of designs from the Karen Millen Spring collection. The range was characteristically bright and innovative, but with a style which would look good anywhere. Karen Millen’s creations are presented in Kuwait by the highly respected local company D&H International.

The models were all residents of Kuwait, and brought a fresh but highly professional look to the catwalk. The charitable cause was taken up by Cutting Edge, which provided a team of hair stylists, with the makeovers given by local beautician Shery. The production was conceived and choreographed by Varsha Dawes, who also modeled some of the top designs. The ‘show stopper’ Palak Agrawal Nagi, brought dazzling panache to the catwalk with some spectacular interpretations of each of the designers presented.

The men were not left out of the occasion, and male models displayed an array of fashions generously donated by Al Shaya franchises including Top Man and Next. The catwalk also featured local designer Shashika, who presented a range of distinctive designs including a stunning white wedding dress in celebration of the recent royal wedding.

The British theme resumed with Jaeger, which fused the classic tradition with an eye-catching contemporary twist.

The show came to a triumphant conclusion with stunning creations from two of Britain’s biggest names in haute couture – Alice Temperley and Matthew Williamson. Both brands, presented in Kuwait by the Al-Othman group, combined to create a brilliant finale to the show.

A host of sponsors, led by SNR Denton, Kuwait’s leading international law firm, added generously to the charitable cause, making the evening not only a spectacular fashion experience, but a great contribution to some very deserving causes.

Many thanks to our Fashion Show Sponsors

KES School Band Contest

posted 10 May 2011, 02:15 by Unknown user

The Band contest was held at the the Kuwait English School on Monday, April 25th. The idea to hold a contest came from the staff of KES who felt that this would be a great opportunity to showcase some of the outstanding young musical talent currently studying at the School. The British Business Forum decided to support the project as part of the BBF Scholarship program. The BBF were represented at the event by directors Andrew Houston and David Batterby, assisted by BBF secretary, Rose William. The judging panel consisted of Head Judge and Spokesperson Barry Stokes with Danielle Houston, Fiona McKay and Simon Whitman making up the rest of the team.

The competition consisted of 5 bands each performing a song composed by themselves. The audience were treated to variety of styles ranging from progressive instrumental through to arrangements featuring complex vocal harmonies. The voting was extremely close with only one point separating the top 2 bands. The winning band are are a five piece group consisting of 3 boys and 2 girls and calling themselves "The Lights". The band members include Bethel Embaie, Aliak Bedirian, Daniel Berger, Mohamad Tayyara and Arnab Gogoi.   

The Lights will be travelling to London in the second week of June and will spend 2 days having their song recorded, edited and mixed at Metropolis, the largest independent recording studio in Europe. A host of leading international artists have recorded there including Madonna, Take That, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and Elton John. We will be using Studio A, the same studio where Queen recorded their Innuendo album. Whilst the band is in London they will also be making appearances on national TV and local radio. 

The Lights will be releasing a DVD featuring the competition and the trip to London. Later this year the band will perform at the British Embassy at a special event at the invitation of  the British Ambassador.
The BBF sees this as a great opportunity to capture the spirit of the 50:20 celebrations. By showcasing local talent in Kuwait we hope to demonstrate the ability of music to create international links and career opportunities.   


Introduction to Kuwait 2010

posted 25 Oct 2010, 05:21 by Unknown user   [ updated 25 Oct 2010, 05:35 ]

KUWAIT CITY, 12 October: The British Business Forum (BBF) Kuwait held its annual Introduction to Kuwait Exhibition at the Hilton Kuwait Resort on Tuesday. The event was an introduction to business, culture, and social life for new comers to Kuwait, the expatriate community and Kuwaiti nationals who wanted to come along to see what was on show.  More than 60 different exhibition participants from different walks of business and community life participated in the event. Photo Gallery for this Event.

Chairman Paul McKay said in his opening remarks that the BBF has been hosting this annual event for many years with the support and encouragement of the British Embassy, the British Council, UK Trade and Investment, the British Ladies Society and the many other social and sporting organisations that bind together our close community.  He saw the Forum with the British Embassy and other British organisations and businesses as key partners in the continuation of the close bilateral relationship linking the United Kingdom and Kuwait.   

‘I would like to thank all the sponsors who made this event, as without their support we would not have been able to achieve so much,’ McKay pointed out.  He gave thanks to the many exhibitors and helpers who had put in so much work to make the event a great success. Special thanks went to Mr. Boris Barna, BBF Director, Event Organiser and Mrs. Rose William, BBF Administration Manager.  

There is something for everyone at the event, added Paul. This is an opportunity for visitors to fully acquaint themselves with a range of businesses and the breadth of social activities available in Kuwait. It is also a timely reminder for those who have been in country for some time of the enthusiasm engendered by those in our community who have chosen to make Kuwait their home. ‘To all visitors, welcome’, he said, ‘you will enjoy finding lots of people who are pleased to welcome you and help you settle into your new life in Kuwait.

Paul McKay was delighted to welcome His Excellency the British Ambassador Frank Baker to cut the ribbon to open the exhibition and to launch the United Kingdom’s 50/20 Campaign. Ambassador Baker remarked, ‘Next year 2011 marks both the 50th anniversary of Kuwait’s independence and the 20th anniversary of Kuwait’s liberation.  Kuwait is aiming to celebrate and the United Kingdom stands shoulder to shoulder to play a big part in those celebrations, not only to celebrate the past but to look to the future and complete a number of United Kingdom and Kuwait  initiatives that will build regional stability, enhance the defence, trade and commercial relationships’.  

The British Embassy is developing a substantial 50/20 programme based on four key periods in 2011: the anniversary of the liberation, the Queen’s Birthday Party, the anniversary of independence and a series of events running February and October. The Ambassador urged everyone to support the 50/20 Campaign and take every opportunity to work with Kuwait in Kuwait for the benefit of Kuwait and the United Kingdom. 

After his opening address, the Ambassador met the leaders of the British Ladies Society (BLS). The BLS is one of Introduction to Kuwait‘s lead contributors and operates under the patronage of Mrs. Maria Pilar Fernandez Baker, the wife of the British Ambassador.  Julie Mallon, the President of the BLS said, ‘we realise how important it is for women, new to Kuwait, to find new friends who have been through a similar acclimation experience’. The BLS provides expatriate women the opportunity to meet one another, form lasting friendships and learn more about the culture and customs of Kuwait.   

Inside the Exhibition arena, the Ambassador met the many stand holders.  Britain is one of Kuwait’s oldest friends and allies and British businesses, organisations and the expatriate community are held in high regard.  Socially, the British community leads the way in Kuwait with its range of sporting, cultural, charitable and social organisations. The exhibition stands provided inspiration to try something new and also an opportunity for the organisations to give back a little to the community in which we live. 

Mckay said, ‘over many years co-operation with our Kuwaiti hosts, the United Kingdom has earned a reputation for hard work, diligence and we bring with us great skill and positive experiences – thank you Kuwait for making us so welcome’.

6th Annual Kuwait Projects Conference 2010

posted 11 Oct 2010, 08:02 by Unknown user

29th November – 1st December 2010, JW Marriott Kuwait City, Kuwait

The development of the $100 billion National 5-Year Plan is now in full swing. This is your opportunity to meet the key clients and government authorities and hear them discuss the strategy and economic outlook for this robust mega projects market.

Key Project updates, includes:
  • Clean Fuels Project
  • Failakka Island Development
  • Umm Al Hayman Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Rail and Metro Projects
  • Sabah Al Salem University City
  • 8 New Hospital Projects
  • Airport Projects
Benefits of attending:

• Network and engage with senior, multi-level stakeholders and make the necessary contacts to enhance your presence in Kuwait

• Total value of projects being planned and delivered by Partnership Technical Bureau is US$21 billion. This is your chance to pre-empt potential investment and partnership opportunities

• Develop your organisation’s future strategy after attending the exclusive masterclass on Public Private Partnerships in Kuwait

• Contribute to discussions influencing the economic outlook and development of mega projects in Kuwait

• Enter new markets by meeting the leaders in the oil & gas, power & water, infrastructure, construction, real estate and banking sectors

Call +971 (0) 4 390 0699 to find out details for the BBF member discount rates

BBF Members Meeting held at the British Embassy: September 2010

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 17: British Business Forum Kuwait held its September members’meeting under Chairman Paul McKay. Paul, in his opening remarks said, the Forum was fully behind promoting UK Best Business across all multi-sector projects to include increasing engagement with other business groups and associations. 
He also introduced the new conveners of business sector groups attending the meeting:
Hanna Jerczynska, Aviation, Travel and Hospitality; Brian Dawes, Oil and Gas and Sean Chapple, Defence and Security.

He added the business sector group activities have a very practical and substantial part to play in supporting British businesses hoping to build their presence in Kuwait.
Paul said the other British Business Forum sector groups: Finance and Banking, Construction, Health and Medicine, Environment, Education and Training, Fashion and Design were also active.

The chairman has asked for like-minded professional people to share their experiences of doing business in Kuwait by connecting with the Forum and its business sector groups; to provide support to British companies wishing to trade in or with Kuwait, to extend a helping hand to business people when visiting Kuwait and to offer time and advice. 

Offer: Out of the meeting came an offer to start another business sector group — Arts. He said the Forum wants to connect with many people that are seen to be worth listening to by others; people not necessarily UK nationals that have a real influence and are willing to work with the Forum in promoting the benefits of UK as a great place to do business with. He said was delighted to introduce His Excellency the British Ambassador, Frank Baker OBE, as the guest of honor and key note speaker. Talking to a capacity audience ,Ambassador Baker outlined the importance of the strong relationship between the British Embassy, UK Trade & Investment and the British Business Forum.

He said the international trade and exports are a fundamental part of the UK economy and will play a major role in the development of
the economy in the future. The Ambassador stressed the important commercial ties between the UK and the Middle East and in
particular the special relationship with Kuwait. The strong relationship will be celebrated in the coming year when Kuwait marks 50 years
of Independence and 20 years since liberation from Iraq. In both cases the UK played critical roles.

The members and business guests attending were delighted to hear facts highlighting world class capability from British companies and
how some of best British practice is now being delivered in Kuwait on such projects as the new International Airport terminal, the new
Ministry of Justice building and other key aspects of Kuwait infrastructure. The Ambassador added he was looking forward to working with the British Business Forum supporting visiting UK Ministers to Kuwait, business delegations and the many business sector groups. He said, all should be proud of the UK’s links with Kuwait and the admiration and respect both shared for each other.

Paul McKay thanked the Ambassador on behalf of the British business community and reminded all members of the British Business
Forum’s Introduction to Kuwait Exhibition on Oct 12, at the Al Dorra Ballroom, Hilton Hotel from 6 pm to 10 pm.
The Exhibition offers visitors a wide range of business and social information all under one roof. With over 70 stands, lots of information
will be available and visitors will be able to speak to the organization or company representatives. He encouraged the community to
come along and enjoy the evening. For information call Rose the BBF Admin Manager on 66841114.

Aviation & Hospitality Group get some words of wisdom

posted 19 May 2010, 10:01 by Unknown user   [ updated 19 May 2010, 10:16 ]

Jamil Wafa At The British Business Forum At The Movenpick Hotel
Jamil Wafa ‘Self-Made’  article featured in The Arab Times May 19th 2010‘Ambition, Honesty, Perseverance Main Keys To Success

KUWAIT CITY, May, 17: You’d think that being director and chairman of more than ten companies in Bahrain means that the person is born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but you’d be wrong. Prominent Bahraini businessman, Jamil Amin Wafa, is ‘all that’ but he has worked hard for many years to achieve his successes. 

Ambition, honesty and perseverance through the many challenges of the business life are the main keys to success, says Wafa, but you have to be determined and know what you are doing, as long as you don’t cut corners right, left and center.
“There is no magic formula for success. If you are on the right track, you can never go wrong... Don’t let any upheavals deter you either,” he said.

Jamil Wafa, Chairman and Chief Executive of the Bahraini United International Agencies (Unitag) Group of Companies, was the guest speaker of the British Business Forum — Aviation, Travel and Hospitality meeting Sunday evening. The meeting was held at the Movenpick Hotel — Al-Bida’a and was organized by the United Airlines. 
Wafa spoke about the aviation industry in the region, his life experiences and business ventures that began with working with the BOAC (British Airways) in Kuwait. He inspired the many members and guest of the aviation, travel and hospitality industries with his many stories of successes as well as failures which were overcome with determination and focus.

Born to Palestinian parents, Jamil Wafa was among the 1.2 million Palestinians who were forced to leave their home country when he was 17. After arriving to Kuwait via Beirut to be with his brother who worked at the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Wafa was fortunate to meet with a Palestinian lawyer called John Asfoor who set him up with best career move of his life. 
 “I arrived to Kuwait on Nov 26, 1949. I was 18 years old and I lived in a place that belonged to BOAC (British Airways) called SQ6 with other crew members and senior officials near Al-Sabah Hospital. John Asfoor gave me my first job and I started as a telephone operator at Al-Ghanim Group then as a typist/ junior clerk at Yousef Al-Ghanim Travel Agency,” Wafa recalled. 
The agency was the only travel agency in Kuwait except for Abdullah Al-Mulla Al-Salah who represented Middle East Airlines. Wafa, along with other two employees at the travel agency did plenty of miscellaneous work and after he was promoted in 1956 he created the well-known Eagle emblem for Al-Ghanim Travel Agency.

In 1960, the office expanded and Wafa established the first Arab travel agency in England, on fourth Baker Street in London. 
“My life in Kuwait was very hard. I was stateless for a long time but I worked for Yousef Al-Ghanim and BOAC for 28 years and no other employer. Due to this discipline and attitude I was promoted to be the first Arab district sales manager to handle the BOAC office in Lebanon,” he explained.
Wafa was granted the Kuwaiti citizenship by Abdullah Mubarak Al-Sabah for his work; “In 24 hours I was given the nationality. I kissed the ground because I was reborn out of the blue. Thanks to Kuwait, this has made my life. Where I am now started in Kuwait,” boasted Wafa.
After many years of hard work and dedication, Wafa was the only Arab national who was selected to undergo an extensive one-year training program in management development in England. When training was completed, BOAC promoted Wafa to the position of marketing development manager of the Gulf area based in the Bahrain.

In 1974, Wafa was appointed as the system sales manager for Gulf Air, which was established then as the National Flag Carrier of Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Abu Dhabi. From then on, the rest is history as they say. 
“I had to give up my Kuwaiti nationality for the Bahraini one then. I came to see Sheikh Saad Al-Sabah due to that and he was very upset with me. That discussion was difficult for him and for me, but it was my future and my luck. I had to make a decision and subsequently it was the right one,” he said.
Wafa established the Unitag Group of Companies which caters for the travel industry then, in 1982, turned his attention to the insurance industry with the National Insurance Company. Through Unitag, Wafa established many organizations useful to the service industry and Bahrain in general. Throughout his career, he was recognized with many awards including the National Order of Merit from France in 1977.

With over 60 years of experience in the aviation industry, Wafa recognizes that aviation in the region is headed in the wrong direction. According to Wafa, the airlines of the region are not making money because aviation in the Gulf is fragmented. 
“The whole of the aviation industry is going through recession right now. United Airlines filed for Chapter 11 three years ago and now they are the largest U.S. carrier. But is it making money? It is not. No airline is making money with the fuel prices going up, landing fees, handling fees, catering, salaries, all components are now difficult. You also have to cater for your staff’s well-being as cost of living is going up,” he said. 
 Wafa added that although aviation was united with Gulf Air which was the National Flag Carrier of Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Abu Dhabi, each country wanted to create its own airline and now traffic is being diluted between lots of airlines, more than necessary. “The Gulf should not have more than a couple of airlines really,” he said.

Wafa added that the only one who is making money is Emirates Airlines because they offer the whole package to customers. He advised that the more united aviation in the region is, the more it can get into the market. “Gulf Air is a 60 year old airline and now we are loosing 1.5 million dollars a day. Travelers as well have been reduced by 30 percent due to their financial dilemmas,” he added.
Jamil Wafa credits his success to a number of factors. He explained that he was lucky to have started his business at the right time, at the right place, and with the right people. “The Gulf was just coming up; the barrel of oil was 1 dollar at the time. Now it is 78 dollars. People had different values and principles back then that were more honorable. They have changed now,” he said.

Wafa added that a principled person has to recognize who was instrumental in their success. “A man called John Asfoor was instrumental in my success. Kuwait opened the door for me by giving me nationality and Lebanon taught me a lot about everything. I am grateful to the countries I’ve lived in and hopefully I’ve picked the best from all of them,” he said.
“I credit my discipline and attitude to BOAC. I am now 78 years old and I still work every day in Bahrain. I employ 950 people, it is a big company but I am a man who has his hands on, always communicating with my staff. Whatever I am now, I did not inherit. I was self-made. I am a man of ethics, integrity and I handle my own affairs. The only time I will stop is when I drop dead,” he concluded.

By: Nihal Sharaf

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