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Introduction to Kuwait 2010

posted 25 Oct 2010, 05:21 by Unknown user   [ updated 25 Oct 2010, 05:35 ]

KUWAIT CITY, 12 October: The British Business Forum (BBF) Kuwait held its annual Introduction to Kuwait Exhibition at the Hilton Kuwait Resort on Tuesday. The event was an introduction to business, culture, and social life for new comers to Kuwait, the expatriate community and Kuwaiti nationals who wanted to come along to see what was on show.  More than 60 different exhibition participants from different walks of business and community life participated in the event. Photo Gallery for this Event.

Chairman Paul McKay said in his opening remarks that the BBF has been hosting this annual event for many years with the support and encouragement of the British Embassy, the British Council, UK Trade and Investment, the British Ladies Society and the many other social and sporting organisations that bind together our close community.  He saw the Forum with the British Embassy and other British organisations and businesses as key partners in the continuation of the close bilateral relationship linking the United Kingdom and Kuwait.   

‘I would like to thank all the sponsors who made this event, as without their support we would not have been able to achieve so much,’ McKay pointed out.  He gave thanks to the many exhibitors and helpers who had put in so much work to make the event a great success. Special thanks went to Mr. Boris Barna, BBF Director, Event Organiser and Mrs. Rose William, BBF Administration Manager.  

There is something for everyone at the event, added Paul. This is an opportunity for visitors to fully acquaint themselves with a range of businesses and the breadth of social activities available in Kuwait. It is also a timely reminder for those who have been in country for some time of the enthusiasm engendered by those in our community who have chosen to make Kuwait their home. ‘To all visitors, welcome’, he said, ‘you will enjoy finding lots of people who are pleased to welcome you and help you settle into your new life in Kuwait.

Paul McKay was delighted to welcome His Excellency the British Ambassador Frank Baker to cut the ribbon to open the exhibition and to launch the United Kingdom’s 50/20 Campaign. Ambassador Baker remarked, ‘Next year 2011 marks both the 50th anniversary of Kuwait’s independence and the 20th anniversary of Kuwait’s liberation.  Kuwait is aiming to celebrate and the United Kingdom stands shoulder to shoulder to play a big part in those celebrations, not only to celebrate the past but to look to the future and complete a number of United Kingdom and Kuwait  initiatives that will build regional stability, enhance the defence, trade and commercial relationships’.  

The British Embassy is developing a substantial 50/20 programme based on four key periods in 2011: the anniversary of the liberation, the Queen’s Birthday Party, the anniversary of independence and a series of events running February and October. The Ambassador urged everyone to support the 50/20 Campaign and take every opportunity to work with Kuwait in Kuwait for the benefit of Kuwait and the United Kingdom. 

After his opening address, the Ambassador met the leaders of the British Ladies Society (BLS). The BLS is one of Introduction to Kuwait‘s lead contributors and operates under the patronage of Mrs. Maria Pilar Fernandez Baker, the wife of the British Ambassador.  Julie Mallon, the President of the BLS said, ‘we realise how important it is for women, new to Kuwait, to find new friends who have been through a similar acclimation experience’. The BLS provides expatriate women the opportunity to meet one another, form lasting friendships and learn more about the culture and customs of Kuwait.   

Inside the Exhibition arena, the Ambassador met the many stand holders.  Britain is one of Kuwait’s oldest friends and allies and British businesses, organisations and the expatriate community are held in high regard.  Socially, the British community leads the way in Kuwait with its range of sporting, cultural, charitable and social organisations. The exhibition stands provided inspiration to try something new and also an opportunity for the organisations to give back a little to the community in which we live. 

Mckay said, ‘over many years co-operation with our Kuwaiti hosts, the United Kingdom has earned a reputation for hard work, diligence and we bring with us great skill and positive experiences – thank you Kuwait for making us so welcome’.